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Meet Mike Erickson

Owner and Chief Instructor at
America's Best Karate in Chandler
4th Degree Black Belt

America�s Best Karate - creating positive choices for the future of our children

We�ve been voted the #1 School of Karate Chandler, Arizona for 21 Years! Our word-class instructors produce results, fast and with your goals in mind.

In a comfortable family atmosphere with flexible schedules, month-to-month programs. We offer affordable tuition and large family discounts too!

Why such big discounts for families? Because we�re all about family! We are parents just like you. When we designed our Chandler Karate School we built it around the things that we wanted to see for our children � discipline, respect for others, and self-esteem.�

As the Valley�s leader in teaching character development to children � reinforcing the values you teach at home is important to us. Children are rewarded for making good choices in a positive and enriching way.

Our focus is on children and families which means we have terrific adult and inclusive family classes.�

You�ll find a blend of the best aspects of several different styles - �the powerful kicking of Tae Kwon Do, the inside self-defense of Kenpo and Hapkido, basic ground defense of Judo and Jujitsu, and the balance of hands and feet that defines Karate.

America�s Best Family Karate Chandler AZ offers the following programs:

  • Little Dragons Program - Ages 3 to 7
  • Chandler Karate Classes for Kids � Ages 5 to 15
  • Chandler Family Karate Classes - All ages.
  • Chandler Adult Karate Classes & Krav Maga � Ages 16 & up.
  • Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer Camp Programs

We produce top quality martial artists � recently, 27 of 31 competing students took a 1st place in a local competition, and in February 2014 many took top honors in one of the largest World Championships in Los Angeles.�

We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you create positive choices for the future of our children!

Mike Erickson, Master�

Master Mike Erickson is a 4th Degree Black Belt and has been teaching Martial Arts for over 34 years.

He was an accomplished athlete early on and in high school participating in multiple sports such as swimming, the State Championship Football Team, lettering every year in Track and even winning a State Decathlon.

In addition, he was a highly skilled wrestler and qualified for State every year. In 1980 he was a Nebraska State Wrestling Champion and was invited to try out for the Olympic Team!

He was also a member of the honor society, participated in many clubs, played guitar and 1st trombone in band, and graduated second in his class with multiple scholarships to college.�While in college, pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering to become a fighter pilot, Master Erickson came face to face with his anger issues. Many of which had fueled him along, but, ultimately held him back from where he wanted to be in life.

While at the University of Colorado Master Erickson joined the college Shotokan Karate organization.� His teacher quickly showed him how destructive using anger as a driving force was to his art and life.�He continued to train vigorously in martial arts and obtained a second degree as a professional pilot and even worked for People 's Express Airlines until their bankruptcy in 1985.�

In the early 90�s Master Erickson worked for Grandmaster Stephen Oliver. In a short period of time he helped Mile High Karate become the top grossing martial arts school in the United States.� He had the opportunity to provide security for Chuck Norris during the SideKicks tour and meet with him on multiple occasions promoting Kick Drugs Out Of America to which Master Erickson�s school was recognized by Mr. Norris as the top contributor in the nation.�

Master Erickson competed on the World tour but retired and moved to Arizona in 1993 to start America�s Best Karate.� He recognized that there was a need and opportunity to use the martial arts to teach character development to children.

He taught children the discipline of when to use Karate and when not to and how to build their self-esteem to smile from within and project confidence to others. The� Educational Funding Company recognized his organization as #1 in Arizona and #3 in the country only behind the late Steven LaValle and West Coast legend Ernie Reyes.�

Master Erickson also acted and did stunts in two movies:� Black Belt Undercover (a Dan Ivan film) and Adventures of the Zordine Warriors.�

Due to multiple injuries over the years such as a broken neck, back, knees and his 5th ACL surgery on his left knee and with complete hip replacement he retired from competing.� But as his daughter Trinity was entering her first International Karate Championship, he came out of retirement to compete and support her. Trinity won the 10-11 year old International championship and Master Erickson won the Black Belt fighting division.�

In 2014 he competed in NASKA Black Belt World Fighting Championships and won the Grand Championship in West Coast fighting and has won local Black Belt championships in 2014 and 2015.� Master Erickson has been recognized by many BlackBelt Hall of Fames including serving on the Board of Directors of the Jhoon Rhee Institute and NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) as a world promoter for many years.� His school is well respected in the business and martial arts community and his students regularly find success in competition, school, and life.��

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